How To Unlock 3 Digit Combination Luggage (Step by Step Guide)

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Luggage safety is one of the most essential factors to travel responsibly. But what if you forgot your luggage pin out of nowhere?

Such a terrible nightmare while on vacation or business trip, right? In this article, we will show you a step-by-step instruction on how to unlock your forgotten luggage pin code.

Getting a TSA-Approved Lock

There are many types and ways to secure your luggage before the flight. However, before picking the type of lock, you need to ensure that the lock is TSA-APPROVED.

TSA or Transport Security Administration, is an airline/airport department that conducts strenuous inspections before the flight.

These locks will secure your luggage while still following standard TSA protocols. These locks are easy to use but resetting them can be quite tricky.

Importance of a TSA Lock?

Upon checking in your luggage, it goes through a lot of process before it gets inside the plane. Meaning to say, your luggage goes through a lot of hands. It’s the same process for departures and arrivals.

A TSA approved lock protects your luggage during the process to prevent restricted people from opening it. Only the TSA agents can have luggage access upon physical check of contents.

How Does It Work?

TSA agents possess a master key to inspect and open all TSA locks as necessary. If it happens that you did not use a TSA-approved lock, they will cut the locks open.

TSA conducts a random check of some luggages for different reasons. The major factor is when they suspect if the luggage contains prohibited items such as: drugs, weapons or explosives.

Rest assured that agents will always inform the passenger whenever they opened or inspected your luggage.

If ever this happens, make sure to reset the combination key of your luggage lock. This is just to ensure that no one in the future can access your luggage. You never know the slightest chance for it to happen.

Resetting luggage lock pins will also be discussed towards the end of this article.

Luggage with Combination Lock Feature

Luggages with a combination lock feature have two types: 3-digit or 4-digit code. If you picked the 3-digit code, you’ll need to pick your own pin to set-up the luggage security.

This is a popular choice for most travelers since it’s keyless. Imagine roaming around and about without having to worry if you lose your luggage keys or not.

Since the inevitable can always happen, here’s a travel hack on how to unlock your forgotten luggage pin code.

10 Steps on How To Unlock Your Luggage (if you forgot your pin code)

  1. Set your luggage on the table where you can comfortably access the luggage’s lock.
  2. Prepare your flashlight to help you better see the lock mechanism behind the numbered wheel for the combination. Make sure to pay close attention to the narrow gap between the wheels.
  3. Slowly rotate the left wheel of the lock. You will see a notch in the wheel line up to the mark of the outside of the lock.
  4. Do the same process to the second and third wheels. If done by the same exact manner, the notches will perfectly line up with the mark on the lock.
  5. Carefully slide the latch button in an outward manner to release the clasp.
  6. Check if unlocking was successful and open the luggage. Then, prepare for resetting your luggage pin code.
  7. To Reset Luggage pin code, push and hold the button next to the lock inside the luggage.
  8. Rotate the numbered wheels slowly one at a time to the new combination you picked (make sure you remember the pin this time) and release the button.
  9. Make sure to test the new lock combination if it works. Try to open and close the luggage at least twice.
  10. Write down your new lock combination code and store it away from your luggage.

Other Types of Luggage Locks

Other than the Combination Locks, here are the other types of luggage locks that you might need to get acquainted to:

  • Key Locks – the most traditional type of lock out of all the locks ever invented. A classic padlock that needs a specific key to open your luggage. Though it works quite well, the danger of losing the key is quite risky.
  • Cable Locks – this type of lock quite resembles the style of combination locks. The lock is more versatile though since it has a flexible cable that you can clip to lock. Other than luggages, the lock can hold other small storage or lockers safely.
  • Key Card Locks – works quite the same as hotel key cards. This type of lock not only works efficiently but is also convenient to store. You can keep it in your wallet as it fits perfectly just like your other personal cards.
  • Retractable Cable Locks – quite similar from cable locks but also has its unique mechanism. The cable conveniently retracts inside the lock itself. It also gives you the option to lock your luggage to another object for better security.

More Luggage Tips For You!

  • First of all, never open somebody else’s luggage with this travel hack. This was not written for that purpose. Make sure you will only use the step-by-step procedure only if it happens to you or to someone you know.
  • If remembering your luggage pin is too hard, write it down and store it in your passport or wallet. Store it away from your luggage as much as possible.
  • You may email your pin code combination to yourself and entitle it “My Luggage Pin Code” or however you want to call it. Open the email when you need it.
  • Download a “notes” app in your smartphone where you can write or record your pin code safely. Pick the one that you can set a password so it’s only you who could access.
  • Set a pin code combination similar to your personal cards or account passwords so you can easily remember your luggage pin code. But be sure to not share it to anyone to avoid hackers from going through your accounts.
  • While creating a unique pin code is important, a simple pin combination for example “222”, the ones that are easier to remember are also helpful.
  • Refrain from sharing your pin code to anyone else to avoid losing your valuables.

Forgetting your luggage pin combination is no joke, especially if you don’t have an idea on how to troubleshoot it. Imagine not being able to open your luggage in the middle of a holiday vacation. That just sucks!

This article is purely dedicated to all the travelers out there to avoid this situation to happen to you. It could be hard especially when you’re traveling alone. 

Have you checked your luggage pin code yet? Go ahead and make sure you still remember or safekept the luggage combination before it’s too late.

Anyways, I hope this helpful travel hack finds you well. I wish you a safe and hassle-free travel as always!

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