10 Unique Activities To Do In Paris


Paris is flocked by millions of tourists every year, nonstop, no matter the season, a whole year round of new faces visiting the famous “City of Lights”. I wonder if this city ever rests, I bet no! They never ran out of fun things to experience for tourists and even for their locals.

When you think about what to experience in Paris, the first thought that comes into mind is visiting the famous “Eiffel Tower”, “Seine River” or marvel over the historical arts in “The Louvre”.

However, these famous sites are always crowded that sometimes it is hard to immerse yourself in the real experience that the city has to offer.

But do not fret travelers because Paris is more than the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. The city has a lot to offer in the most unique way!

Traveling Out of the Usual

According to press.parisinfo.com, they conducted a survey in 2017 which covers visiting a total of 62 cultural attractions and 68 temporary exhibitions.

The city’s cultural attractions entertained a whopping 70.2 million tourists in 2017. An impressive increase of 5.9% compared to 2016. Now that is a lot of tourists.

If you do not want to compete with the gazillions of tourists in one of the most famous attractions, Paris has actually a lot of unique and even way more fun experiences that you can truly enjoy without having the pain of lining up and bumping sweaty tourists during the summer.

The city’s tourism is always doing its best to offer new ways of providing new experiences for tourists.

Do a Careful Research

Before making that decision to do something different in Paris or to visit the off the beaten tracks, prepare yourself on what to expect and always do your research.

Consider that you are visiting an unfamiliar territory and you don’t want to mess up your trip just because you failed to thoroughly research the place or attraction you are about to visit.

No matter how unique the tourist attractions or experiences are, always try to look for the positive and negative reviews coming from the previous tourists who actually experienced it.

That way you will know what to expect, whether the activity fits for your liking or not. This is also a good way to spot a legit attraction before you waste your time and money.

Top Ten List of Unique Activities To Do in Paris

We have listed the following unique activities that you can try if you want to avoid the most crowded and touristy spots. Rest assured that all of the activities listed are reviewed by the previous tourists who have actually tried it themselves.

1. Watch a French Movie at a French Theater

Ditch Netflix or amazon prime for a moment and take advantage of watching an actual french film in a French cinema. France is known for its good and unique movies.


They actually hold their annual Film Festival in Cannes, France which showcases diversified movies and actors all over the world.

Grab your loved ones and have a movie date night. You might not understand any word in French but I’m pretty sure the whole experience will be worth it and unforgettable.

Instead of popcorn, bring some French pastries with you in the theater and enjoy the movie. You may visit these French theaters: Christine 21 (4 Rue Christine ), Le Champo (Rue des Ecoles) and La Peniche Cinema (19th arrondissement).

2. Learn How To Cook Classic French Food

Reveal the inner master chef in you and enroll for a quick-cooking course in Paris. This city is known for its outstanding gastronomic artistry and it is a privilege to learn a dish or two from the most renowned chefs in the city.

French Food

You’ll never know, you might end up meeting a Michelin-star chef. If you have more time to spare, add this to your itinerary.

You can enroll for half a day, full day or a two-day class from any of the French Cooking Schools in the metro. You will not only learn from the experts but you will also get to try and share the food you just made with the other students.

Get your reservations from any of these culinary schools: Le Cordon Bleu (13-15 Quai Andre Citroen), Le Foodist Paris Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting Food Tour (59 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine), Cours de Cuisine-Olivier Berte (7 Rue Paul Lelong).

3. Spend Halloween at the Catacombs of Paris

If you are not faint of the heart, then this is for you. This is a unique way to spend your Halloween with family or friends minus the costume fiasco.

Catacombs of Paris

The catacomb is underground ossuaries which hold the remains of more than six million people. A tunnel was built to connect Paris’ ancient stone quarries.

This was created as part of eliminating the city’s overflowing cemeteries. Built-in 1774 by Saint-Innocents. Since 2013, the catacombs numbered among the 14 City of Paris Museums.

The museum is not actually scary because the skeletons were piled up like an intricate form of art. Enjoy your visit, admire the museum and do not get scared that much. (Located at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy)

4. Experience the Haunted Show at Manoir de Paris

Another scary but fun walk-through haunted house for you where the scariest horror legends in Paris come to life. This was opened in 2011 and terrified a lot of locals and tourists alike. Featuring 13 Parisian legends from the 18th to 20th centuries, these did not fail to scare its spectators.

The Parisian legends told during the visit are based on real facts from the Parisian folklore with the likes of Catacombs of Paris, the crocodile in the Paris sewers, Phantom of the Opera and more.

With its two floors, 23 rooms and 5 levels of “fearfulness”, this attraction will definitely give you the chills and screams. (Located at 18 Rue de Paradis)

5. Go for an Adventure at the Escape Room

If you are up for a very interactive and unique activity with your family or friends, try this escape game in Paris. The attraction made real attention of putting mind-boggling details to entertain its patrons.

Escape Room

This game gives you one team, one mission and one hour to escape. Featuring a 1500 square meters space, the life-size escape game can cater to a team of 3-5 people.

Invented by amusement park professionals and magicians, this game will make you solve puzzles, discover secret passages and carry out your mission. Another fun way to show your creativity, problem-solving and critical skills. (Located at 51 Rue de Cardinal Lemoine)

6. Book a Segway Tour

Walking around the city can be quite draining and tiring. Dealing with transportation can be also confusing and stressful as well. If you want to skip all of these, book a Segway Tour, a hassle-free way of exploring around the city. Segway resembles the scooter, however, this is way faster and easy to maneuver.

Segway Tour

The tour offers a morning and evening schedules in English, you pick. You can also book a private or group tour, take note that a private tour will cost you more.

The company’s offerings around the city are: Go Go Segway Tours (20 Avenue Duquesne), SeeWay Tour (11 Rue Alexandre Cabanel), Fat Tire Tours (24 Rue Edgar Faure).

7. Hire a Local for a Food Crawl

It is no secret that the best tour guides are, of course, the locals. They are the best people to ask for the best places to eat, drink or party. Airbnb, an accommodation booking app, does not only list properties or homes for you to stay but they have also listed amazing experiences for you to try.

For an affordable price plus tip (optional, if you enjoyed the experience), an English speaking local will go with you for a food trip! Take note that you will pay for the food you will order, you only booked for the local tour guide.

The guide will take you to the best pubs, cafes or restaurants, depends in your preference. A soft reminder, make sure that you will book a reliable and legit local tour guide. Check for the reviews and avoid getting duped.

8. Visit Paris’ Legendary Stadium

Football, not American Football, also known as Soccer for some, dominates the sports scene in Paris. The biggest stadium in Paris was built in 1972 by Stade Roland Garros, called Parc de Princes, an all-seater football stadium with a seating capacity of 47, 929 spectators. The home of Paris Saint-Germain since 1974.

Enjoy this once in a lifetime chance as a sports fanatic to visit backstage. The hour and a half visit take you to spots inaccessible to the public like changing rooms and infirmary.

If you are lucky enough to visit during the League Season, do not hesitate to book a ticket for yourself and watch the game like a Frenchman. (Located at 24 Rue du Commandant Guilbaud)

9. Climb the Montparnasse Tower

Climbing the Eiffel Tower for a panoramic view of the city can charge a hefty price, for real! Aside from that, the crowds are also crazy that the elevators are too full on the way up.

Montparnasse Tower

To get that instagrammable panoramic view that you have always wanted, try the Montparnasse Tower, the only skyscraper in the city!

This option has lesser crowds and an incredible panoramic view of the city. Plus, you can see the Eiffel Tower up top! You can’t do this in Eiffel Tower, right? There’s also a cozy restaurant up top where you can take your date and experience the city in the most romantic way.

During winter the tower installs an ice skating rink at the top of the tower, fulfilling your winter wonderland vibes. This is definitely unique and a must-try for the lover of heights. (Located at 33 Avenue du Maine)

10. Enjoy a Lovely French Dinner with an Opera Singer

– What a perfect combo, right? A sumptuous dinner plus an opera singer who will serenade you and your date. Such a romantic treat in the “City of Love”! To experience this unique dining setting, head to Bel Canto, opened since 2000 is a dinner theater.

The waiters here are incredibly talented while serving you a gourmet meal they suddenly turn into an Opera Singer. A quartet of young professionals accompanied by a piano.

They can perform solo or duo with the excerpts from Carmen, Don Giovanni, Tosca and more. Bel Canto according to their website, is a story between two worlds of passion: gastronomy and lyrical singing. (Located at 72 Quai de l’Hotel de ville)

Is it Expensive to do Unique Activities in Paris?

Since the activities are unique and less visited by tourists, they are less expensive and more affordable. Take for example the Montparnasse Tower, it is free to go up the top of the building and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Also check: Is Paris Expensive?

Compared to the expensive fee at the Eiffel Tower where you cannot even see the tower itself. Less famous museums are free or offer a cheap entrance fee.

Some unique activities though can be also pricey like enrolling in a cooking class or dining in while an opera singer serenades you. Consider the kind of service that the company offers. The bigger the service, the more spending it involves. Remember, you get what you paid for.

Is it Worth It?

Yes, totally worth it! Taking the off the beaten tracks are way better and less hassle when you think of it. The possibilities are endless. You will learn a lot about the city upon exploring the deepest neighborhoods and spots where tourists rarely visit.

This is also an opportunity for you to showcase to other travelers that Paris has more room for new discoveries and wonderful treats for a wanderlust like you.

Though trying out something unique gives some spice in your travel itinerary, I would still recommend not to miss out on the famous attractions and activities to do in Paris.

Your visit will feel as if there is a void for skipping all the legendary places that are must-visit. A little mix of everything will give your travel experience a new flavor to it.

Go ahead and book that flight and do something unique in Paris like you’ve never had before!

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