How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?


Starbucks, as we all know is the most loved and patronized coffee chain in the United States and even in the world. Since its inception in 1971 from its very first spot in Seattle, it has boomed to major success.

You see it anywhere, everywhere, at the subway, nearby shopping malls, business parks and in any place that you could think of. I mean, who doesn’t like to grab a coffee from Starbucks before you head to the office or in between your day?

How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler? In the United States, it costs $24.99 per set of 12, no matter what kind of blend you choose. It just adds up when you request for extra shots of milk or other additional sweeteners.

Though prices may differ per country, it should be about the same price range as it is served the same. Unless if they had the product custom made per country.

As the company gets bigger, the brand and their trademark gets influential and stronger as well. That is the reason why aside from satisfying us with great coffee, they also introduced their own personal brand merchandise selling custom made coffee beans, coffee mugs, coffee tumblers and even planners (by the way my personal favorite).

Apart from those mentioned “merch”, they have also introduced one of their breakthroughs, called the “Coffee Traveler”.

What is Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

This is not your ordinary disposable coffee cup with the famous lady in the logo. It is a “to-go-type” carrier design that can easily and efficiently hold a 96 fl ounce freshly brewed coffee roast.

That is exactly equivalent to 12 cups of 8 fl ounce coffee. Designed for easy orders especially for bigger groups, ensuring that fresh coffee will be delivered hot and zero spills.

Photo by Charlie Brewer

Is it Worth It?

It is a definite YES. If you are a frequent meeting organizer or the kind of boss who likes treating their employees with a good cup of coffee every once in a while, then yes to this.

A cup of Starbucks coffee can cost each between $3-5, depending on the size. For the price of the Coffee Traveler of 12, it is already a good deal and big savings.

Instead of buying an individual custom made coffee for everyone, I would resort to this option. Your guests can just have the freewill to customize how much sugar or milk they want in their coffee.

I believe the only downside of this product is you can’t order in different blend assortments. For example, when we order our favorite donuts, we like them in different varieties.

You don’t just get one get every flavor if possible, that will fit for everyone. In this scenario, you can only order one type of blend per set. So when picking, consider what your guests’ preferences are before you make that order.

But overall, I believe this is a smart move from Starbucks to have a “coffee catering” style that benefits to big events or gatherings anywhere.

Whether you are having a picnic with your family or hanging out with your friends, you can always enjoy a cup of coffee no matter the size of your group can be. There’s always a cup of Starbucks coffee for you.

How To Order Starbucks Coffee Traveler

According to, you can always download their app for your convenience. Inside your office or wherever you are, you can just scroll and order whatever you want from their app. In less than 5 minutes, your fresh roasted coffee traveler is on its way, easy peasy.

Depending on the location, they have options for delivery or pick up based on your preference. Before downloading the app, check your location first.

Does it Stay Warm until it Arrives?

Based on Starbucks’ brand overview, the coffee cups itself are well insulated, meaning it was designed to keep the coffee hot for a long amount of time. The best holding time is at least two hours. Counting starts from the moment it finished brewing until it was filled in the cups.

Also, take into consideration the current weather in your location. If it’s hot, then it will stay hot for a long time. If you are from colder regions, it will be tricky for you to ensure that it will still be hot when it arrives.

Placing your order online or via call is crucial, again depending on your location or the event you’re hosting. If you need the coffee at a 10am meeting, then be sure to place the order at least by 9am so when the coffee arrives, the meeting just barely started. Rest assured you can serve hot coffee.

What Comes with a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

Starbucks features four premium roasted coffee beans selections for the coffee traveler set options.

Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend/Bright Sky)

One of the most common and popular selections of the majority is this special blend of lightly roasted coffee. I personally like this roast for its softness and easy to drink texture.

It is a mixture of delicious flavors of milk, sugar, vanilla, caramel and hazelnut. If you are not an espresso coffee fan, then this definitely is for you. For us who have the sweet tooth, you definitely can’t go wrong with this option.

Pike Place Roast (Breakfast Blend/Columbia/House Blend)

In 2008, this roast was born from the creative minds of the Starbucks’ master blenders and roasters. It is dubbed to be one of the best blends they have ever concocted that the quality itself is consistent and harmonious.

All of its characters are well balanced to the taste for all of the coffee lovers out there. As a well-rounded blend, it features subtle rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts from Latin America, perfect for any time of the day.

If you’re the one who likes balance in your caffeine, then this one is for you. Not too strong, not too sweet, just perfectly right.

Decaf Pike Place Roast

It is still the same kind as the pike place roast but like the name itself, it’s decaffeinated. Meaning, from the whole process it has released 97% of its caffeine content.

Perfect for those coffee drinkers who unfortunately has caffeine intolerance. Say goodbye to your excessive palpitations and sleepless nights after a cup or two, because with decaf, you can enjoy that best-tasting coffee without sacrificing your health.

Dark Roast (Sumatra/Cafe Verona/Morning Joe/Espresso Roast/Italian Roast/French Roast)

The blend that will surely wake your senses up. An all-time classic favorite young or old. If you want a stronger kick to start your day, then this blend is a good kick starter.

A perfect choice for early meetings, travel or any activity you have that needs “human activation”. To activate everyone who are not feeling awake who just needs caffeine in their system. The aroma of this blend is strong and rich that can fill the whole room with its goodness.

Whatever your coffee preferences are, Starbucks has tailor-fit all of it just for you. Whether you like it mellow or strong, there’s only something for you to enjoy no matter what the occasion or day of the week.

Does Starbucks Coffee Traveler Caters Hot Chocolate or Tea?

Sorry chocolate lovers but unfortunately, NO. According to Business, this traveler does not support all types of drink including Hot Chocolate. The milk from the hot chocolate is a big red flag with the special material of the traveler cups. They just don’t go well with each other.

According to Starbucks’ health and safety restrictions, you cannot order this. Even if they are known for customizing orders (aka spoiling us), Starbucks will never make this for you. So just don’t even bother.

As for the tea, they serve it with tea bags. So maybe you can have it to go just the tea bags and without the water. Just boil some water in the office and have everyone do self-service. Though I personally have not tried this route, it still won’t hurt to give it a try.

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