Is Disneyland Paris Worth Visiting?

Disneyland Paris

The magic in the “City of Lights” is a never-ending roller coaster ride. Always a perfect destination for couples on a honeymoon or families wanting to bond with their kids. Apart from the city’s enchanting sites, what else does this beautiful city has to offer?

Disneyland Paris will fulfill your magical experience in “The City of Lights,” or shall I say, “The City of Magic”? If you have a day or two to spare on your trip, never miss this most visited theme park in Europe that represents the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

How To Get There?

Disneyland Paris is located at Boulevard de Parc, situated in the eastern part of Paris.

If You Came From Paris Center

Take the metro station via a Disneyland Paris Express train line. Head to Marne-le-Vallée or Chessy Station for your starting point. The ride will take 35 minutes for you to get there. As you reach the station, it is only a two-minute walk on the way to the theme park.

From The Airport

They have the Magical Shuttle Airport Transfer that you can book from their website or book through this number 08448 009 898. The shuttle leaves from Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport, which takes approximately an hour.

By Car

If you opt for this route, you may inquire at Hertz or Europcar for their car rental fees. Just prepare euro coins for your toll fees on the way to the theme park. This will take you faster as well, depending on your pace. Make sure you can legally drive in France.

How To Book The Tickets?

You may book through their website or call them from the same contact number as stated above.

Here are the different kinds of tickets or passes for you to choose from:

  • Fastpass – for an extra fee, you will make the most out of your tour in this dedicated access. No more long lines to endure and a faster entry to enjoy your dream attractions and rides.
  • 1-Day Ticket Pass – got limited time and budget? This pass will give you unlimited access to the theme park for one full day. Make sure to check off all the spots you want to hit before the day ends.
  • 2-Day Pass and Shuttle – if a day is not enough, they got two days of magical extravaganza just for you. It also comes with a shuttle service for your convenience. More days of fun! Bonus Tip: You can use the second day of your ticket anytime within the year!
  • 2 Plus, Days Pass – this 140-acre theme park will not only take you a day to enjoy. If you plan on going to every attraction and ride, stay a little longer with your kiddos and give them a wonderful time that they will remember!


Are There Any Accommodations Nearby?

Oh Yes! No wonder it’s called Disneyland Paris Resort for no reason. They have a total of five magical themed hotels fit for royalty like you. Each hotel is tailor-fit on your budget and other preferences.

If you’re planning to get a 2-day pass, better get their special bundle that includes hotel accommodation and a shuttle to pick you up from the airport.

Can You Bring Food in Disneyland Paris?

Though you can bring your own food, I suggest not to bring any and save yourself from the hassle. They have more than 50 restaurants of different specialties and cuisines that your family will surely like.

Truly perfect for families, especially if you are staying in one of their magical hotels or just taking a break from the exhilarating rides on your day tour.

Must-See Rides and Attractions

I personally am a fan of Disney movies. If you are the same as me, your eyes will pop from their amazing attractions and rides that you will definitely enjoy!

Disneyland Park

The theme park is divided into two different parks, and one of them is the central Disneyland Park. Get your map and:

  • start your way riding like a cowboy in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
  • wander in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth
  • or catch Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • And of course, do not miss the show of the most iconic Disney duo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Walt Disney Studios Park

To know more about the history of our favorite Disney characters and how magical movies are made, this is the spot for you. They have audio-visual presentations, to begin with, and to get a glimpse from their humble beginnings.

Other than that, their 13 floors “Retraction” will have you marvel with these famed attractions and rides such as

  • fast cars in RC Racer
  • be a chef in Ratatouille The Adventure
  • get a thrilling ride at the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop


Unique Attractions for The Season

Paris Disneyland, the “Place of Dreams,” offers numerous ways to experience a magical moment with your special someone or beloved families. Let them experience these limited offerings this 2020.

Frozen Celebration

In the cold winter season, Anna and Elsa will give you a spectacular winter wonderland show. From the months of January-May, Olaf will surely have enough time to let you laugh your heart out.

The Lion King and Jungle Festival

No need to head to the Safari and see our jungle friends LIVE! Disneyland will give you a summer to remember from June-September, a jungle show like never before. For all the Lion King fans out there, don’t dare miss it.

Disney’s Halloween Festival

Treat your kids in an unforgettable trick or treat experience. Join this fun and spooky festival. Dress in your cute or scary costume, be a princess or a frog or maybe dress like Mickey Mouse’s twin and join the parade.

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas

Catch how this big theme park turns into a winter wonderland Christmas village. Limited Christmas themed attractions will be showing, as well as exciting Christmas themed rides. Meet Santa Claus with his cute reindeers and snap that perfect holiday family picture.

End The Night with a BANG!

Already tired with all the attractions and rides? Don’t leave just yet. Wait until 7:00pm for their spectacular fireworks and LED show.

Watch the castle as it boasts its HD quality LED show from your all-time favorite Disney movie clips and soundtrack. With a combination of colorful and magical fireworks in the background, this is a truly magical way to end your Disneyland adventure.

Other Tips and Advice

  • Know the schedules. Every season, whether summer or winter, has different opening hours because of the weather situation. Some attractions and rides might be closed as well. Make sure to check their website for updates.
  • Get well acquainted with the map. Having limited time in the park, especially if you availed the day pass, you need to strategize your journey and make the most out of it. Understand the map and navigate wisely to avoid missing other attractions.
  • Don’t miss their limited deals. Depending on the occasion, they offer limited-time discounted deals for you and your family. This will save you a few more bucks and you might get extra perks from the package. Check for their summer and Christmas specials.

Disneyland is Magical, and Worth It!

Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower and famed museum of The Louvre, a trip to Paris won’t be complete without experiencing the magical Disneyland.

13 million visitors every year left very happily from their visit to this enchanting theme park. Leave the city happy like a child just like them and include this must-visit theme park in your itinerary.

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