Where to Party in Paris? (Best Bars, Nightclubs)


There’s no doubt Paris is the poshest place to do the ultimate travel getaway. From their luxury shopping brands, exquisite gastronomic experience, intricate artistry, rich history waiting to be explored and a nightlife scene that keeps you awake all night long. Wait? Did I just say nightlife?

Paris never fails to impress its locals and most especially tourists for their amazing night scene. In fact, this city is one of the best places to drink the night away and party all night long.

The “City of Lights” is not just all about fine dining and art galleries, they sure know how to throw a party, too!

Best Neighborhoods to Party

Do you want to experience Paris’ nightlife at its best? Head to the best “party like a rockstar” neighborhoods in the city that will surely give you a night to remember!


Famous for its picturesque fortress, this place used to play an important role in the internal conflicts of France and for most of its history was used as a state prison by the kings of France.

At the present time, it still plays an important role, to entertain party people like you. This trendy neighborhood has lots of bars and pubs lined up catering to different types of music genres.

If you like dancing, this place is for you! On weekends, they offer an amazing jazz brunch that you can enjoy.

The Marais

A charming neighborhood, mix by the old and new located at the 4th arrondissement, also known as SoMa (South Marais).

It used to be a Jewish Quarterback in the day, that’s why tons of kosher restaurants are can be seen along the alleys.

The home of the historic Place des Vosges, this neighborhood also boasts on their elegant arcades, bars, night clubs, plus a mansion that transforms into a museum with the likes of Picasso and Victor Hugo. Who would not want to party here?


If you are the type who just wants to do casual partying and have a chill relax vibe with your family or friends, try their cool selections here.

You can still enjoy a drink or two without being wasted while admiring the wonderful views of the neighborhood. Apart from bars and pubs, they also offer a wide array of amazing restaurants to condition the body before chugging those liquor.


The Best Bars in Paris

Here are the best bars to hit in Paris:

Le Bellevilloise

Offering the best and most diverse talented artists that can surely entertain. This bar’s only one mission is to give you the best night of your life.

It also serves impressive selections of homemade meals and sumptuous cocktails that you can enjoy while listening to good music.

What more can you ask for? Music + food + drinks = Perfection. This bar is so chill and unassuming, you will leave this place with a happy pair of ears.

La REcyclerie

Seeking for something unique? This bar is just situated beside a flea market, Porte de Clignancourt, where you can shop first before partying.

This place used to be a railway station which was shut down in 1939 now turned in a lively interactive bar. A perfect spot to also chill a relaxing night while admiring the refreshing interiors of the bar.

Les Grands Voisins

Situated in a 16th-century hospital, Saint-Vincent de Paul is actually not a hospital but an abandoned hospital complex turned into a “utopian village” as the locals call it.

A mixture of lively bar-restaurants, a wide array of flea markets, agricultural greenhouses, football terrains, campsites and more, this party place is one of a kind.

Chez Georges

Not the type to just chill and want to party real hard? Head to the Latin Quarter and this bar will welcome you with open arms and pumped music.

This place has been entertaining party goers for over 50 years now. Painted with red interiors, showcasing a wine bar upstairs that you can enjoy during the day and the highlight at night, a small cave-like room downstairs, where all Parisians and tourists party together.

Enjoy the best music from a Jewish DJ in the house who throws the best parties especially during Fridays and Saturdays.

Le Batofar

One of the most famous spots in Paris, this unique bar will let you party like you’ve never done before. The bar is situated in a colorful boat lined up with numerous liquor set-ups, restaurants and concerts on special events.

The bar mainly offers electronic music to its patrons and plays hip-hop, underground, alternative and rock music in some occasions.

A fun and unique way to dance in the boat along the Seine River! Take note: the boat will not cruise though, it will always remain docked.



Parisians have a thing for boats I guess since this next lineup is another party boat! The highlight of this “boat bar” is they literally party all day long.

They are legit open starting at 6:00 am, playing one of the best electronic music. For the Parisians, this place is an institution for all the party addicts who just want to go all out! They host international famous Djs from Berlin showcasing electronic, house and techno beats.

Barrio Latino

if you are an avid fan of the classic “Dirty Dancing” movie, well this is the place to be! A big dance floor for salsa and tango dancers. A beginner? Don’t worry, everyone is welcome to party like a Latino here.

The decoration brings a more colorful and lively vibe to it that makes all party-goers go gaga all night. Apart from being a bar, this place is also a restaurant where you can eat first before you party all night.

The party gets crazy not until 11:00 pm, which gives you ample time to stuff your hungry bellies. Don’t be shy and dance your way to the stage, who knows, you might find your very own Jennifer Grey or Patrick Swayze.


And last but definitely not the least of them all.. this bar is located at Cite de la Mode, overlooking the views of no less than, the River Seine.

With its huge terrace that can host tons of events all year round, this is an ultimate clubbing scene for all the party animals out there.

They invite international DJs playing electro, house, nouveau disco and even hip-hop! You can also come here early before the party become too much to handle and admire the most beautiful sunset of the city.

Paris Neighborhoods to Party

BONUS! Party where the Biggest Celebrities Go

Paris is the ultimate rendezvous of most celebrities. Whether they attend a fashion show, shop luxuriously or even PARTY in the most classic way, they definitely do it grandly. Here, we will spill the tea on your most favorite celebrity’s secret hang-out spots in the city.

Pershing Hall

The place is ornate of gorgeous floral and vibrant ambiance, an interior design that looked like straight out from a Disney movie.

They have an amazing lounge upstairs where you can dine an exquisite set of French specials and sip a good glass of wine while enjoying the serenading music. Salma Hayek, the beautiful actress, is among their regular celebrity guests in the house.

Le Baron

A VIP night club where the entrance is pretty tight during fashion week and big events. The biggest celebrities and fashion models hit the place to spend a good night after a long day.

You might find yourself dancing with one of the famous French actors, and Oscar award-winning actresses. Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola were all spotted here.

Le Black Calvados

One of the A-list’s all-time favorite party spot is a sure-fire win! Music cranked by the most famous DJs in the world, no wonder even international foreign actors and actresses flock this expensive night club.

It is also hard to get a ticket here as it is always under reservation by some big names, which they will never reveal to you. I’ll give you a clue though: Leonardo di Caprio.

Le VIP Room

I would not argue on this one no more. Its name speaks for itself. Located just along the Champs Elysees, a great place to cap the night off with some good music and expensive cocktails.

Famous fashion models and A-listers fill the place during fashion week. How nice will it be to party with class with these fashion moguls?

One Last Thing.

Whether you want to hit the club to dance salsa with your special someone, or dance like you’ve never did before in techno music played by an international DJ with your friends, or even go all out to party like a celebrity-VIP class, Paris has got it down all for you.

A lot of unique choices brought to you by the “City of Lights” or shall I say,  the “City of Night Life”. The city yet never sleeps and has beaten New York for its upbeat and lively vibe that every tourist will want to party until dawn,

Just a friendly reminder, the party wisely and safely. Consider that you are in a foreign country and you are still responsible as a law-abiding tourist during your stay. Too much alcohol that you can take might ruin your dream trip. Au revoir!!

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